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Versuri Take My Breath Away

How could time be standin' still in place? So slowly, yet goes by so fast Strange but true, when I'm with you And every little step I take While I'm away from you baby Everything that I do Is leading me back to you Because when... 1 - When we're all alone You take my breath away When you hold me close You take my breath away When we're makin' love You take my breath away Somehow I know This is the love that I've been missing I feel like I'm frozen in time Whenever your lips meet mine Everytime you touch me, I go out of my mind The passion I see in your eyes Has got me more than hypnotized Renders me defenseless girl I don't know what you do to me baby Repeat 1 Inside your love I lose control when we're kissin' and huggin', yeah It's hard to express how I feel But what I feel is definitely real There's no need for me to try to conceal My love for you girl My heart just can't keep still Repeat 1 to fade

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