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Versuri Looking For Love

(Chorus) Are you looking for love Girl, do you need someone to give it to...yeah Could I be the one to show you The love that you've been looking for See what you're going through Baby I'm the one for you (Verse 1) I would like to know if that look that's in your eyes is sincere Tell me Baby, I am not the type to front, 'cause when I give my love, it's for real So for real When the party's over and the lights go down Tell me if you'll be there when there's no one around 'Cause I really wanna love you and I'll do it well I can give you something you can truly feel (Chorus) (Verse 2) So, what's it gonna be, do you think you might wanna get with me Tell me Girl, you've got to let me know, please don't lead me on, what's the deal What's the deal When the music stops And the lights come on Please don't leave me hanging, baby don't do me wrong 'Cause I really want to love you, and I'll do you right Give you what you need baby all through the night (Chorus x 2) If you want it, I got it in the morning If you need it, I got it in the evening If you want it, I got it in the morning If you need it, I got it in the evening (Chorus x 2)

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