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[Efthimis Karadimas/Nightfall 1997] Across those bridges far beyond Once upon I walked, but never more To Roads of marvel some say they lead Bitter humans who patiently bleed. I recall the thoughts my mind captured As from the bridges high I stared the world seemed raptured My teeth rapidly moved as skin turned red blue No cold then raped me but the bloody time's crew I stared at sky, no can't be true I kissed the earth, no can't be true I released my will, I thought I knew, I thought I knew, But... Life, slowly fades as the reader turns the page For this bible of vain morals pray Life, slowly fades as the reader turns the page Like a peace of paper in reign. Live loner and then die The lands you dreamed, so you will find The voice inside me wisely spoke Hell, vanity's statue my gyues I broke In state of pleasure now I walk No saviours doors I'm forced to knock My fate is built upon my own Fools grasp the thorns, I keep the crown. Life, ... cuvintele album. Melodia muzica ultima melodie versuri Nightfall melodiei album versuri melodia muzica asculta Aenaon muzica straina melodia.

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