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Versuri Abel And Cain

(Race of Abel) Eat, sleep and drink God smiles on you contentedly (Race of Cain) In filth and stink grovel And die wretchedly (Race of Abel) Your sacrifice smells good To an angel's nose (Race of Cain) What's the price Of your torment and woes? (Race of Abel) Watch your seeds sprout Your cattle grow fat (Race of Cain) Your guts plead For hunger howls like a wild cat! (Race of Abel) Warm your insides At the patriarchal fire (Race of Cain) In your dank hides poor jackals Trembling and dire (Race of Abel) Make love and spawn For your gold will likewise delight (Race of Cain) When your hearts burn Watch out for such appetites (Race of Abel) Grow and graze Devour the world like the pest (Race of Cain) Along rough ways Drag your families in distress (Race of Abel) Your foul carcass Will manure the reeking ground (Race of Cain) Up off your arse Your work is once again found (Race of Abel) Here's your shame The fire is vanquished by the rod (Race of Cain) Take up your claim Out of the heavens fling God!

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