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Big plate tell me where’s my meat You ride a car from the passenger seat Big words about a little plan A little boy with a card that says man And everybody’s goin nowhere Ripped off on a rip off street Talkin’ bout a thing that’s not happenin’ here Ripped off to a ripoff beat Big glass but it’s filled up with ice You order grand then you eat a slice They got the sign but they aint got the goods Like a seven inch record at an LP price I know you you got your house down on rip-off street I know you you got them dancin to the rip-off beat I know you you walk around on your rip-off feet I’m tellin you baby I’m gonna give you some - heat

Muzica versuri ultima melodie melodia. Gluecifer album ultima melodie melodia RipOff Strasse versurile muzica straina versuri cuvintele.

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