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Versuri Drunk And Pompous

I got ’em horny feet You got the epic beat Wanna make’ em cream You wanna make’ em dream Coz I was born to shout and tell’ em all what it’s really about No time for liberation baby It’s time to let the beasty out Ain't it sweet now to walk the shitty street now What a blast coz i love it fast Sweet liberation with a twist coz in a cool world I exist Gonna pull my shutters down gonna kick it all around coz I’m a black belt master fightin’ with a velvet fist I’m a screamer you’re a dreamer- so whatcha gonna do Gonna push that thing till they’re beggin for a hefty screw I’ll be a fire-breathin’ boy with a thousand db ploy Gonna breathe some fire fire baby coz I’m pissed Yeah I was born to rule You’s born to drool Ain’t takin’ no goddammn shit Got a suit with the snuggest fit And you might say I’m bad Nothin’ but a fad But I’m on a quest Baby I’m posessed

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