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A deadend beat I think I’ve heard it before I’ve been living on a shit street now I can’t take it no more It’s out there gotta bang it right into my sight I’m bad I’m payin’ back with all my six-year might You gotta take it coz I’m quittin’ all my nice boy even ways This is the hate year and I’m startin’ now You might say I’m goin’ mental but it’s a question of a 98 in flames You gotta take it coz I’ll shit you in return, it’s the way gotta learn Well anyway you gotta burn I’m gonna set you back on the path of stingin’ shame And I’m addin’ you to my concern with the eternal stain And I go right for your jugs now in a tunnel vision lock It’s a life-long dedication to the rock You know it’s out there gotta bang right into style You know it’s out there I’m payin back with all my six year might And I’ll go right go right for your jugs Its a life-long dedication to swingin’ the razor sharp sword of the hard rock

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