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Versuri Exit At Gate Zero

I got a phone-call and I am back on the street I’m throwin’ curses at the people I meet Got a black heart workin’ hard deep inside of me Coz I’m back on the street where I swore that I would never be And now I’m headin for shame - Yeah - what a game I said I’m back on the leash coz I’m always there to reach See me on my knees, I’m takin’ hits sayin’ please I got the spine of a snake think I’ll give myself a break I got a closet baby, you wanna keep it shut I’m sentimental, but you’re kickin’ me in the gut When I’ve decided that this is never gonna bring me down You got me runnin’ to your doorlike a loser got me hangin’ around I’m gonna press my face to the mirror, gonna shape things up I’m gonna smash my fist thru the door coz I’m crackin’ up I can’t take take it anymore I wanna let it go But now I’m runnin’ down the street coz you’re tellin me I can’t say no

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