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Rack’em up for a straight ruler and take the curse I’ve never felt too good but tonight I think I’m feelin’ worse Gotta get some power lotion and go lubin’ up them joints Gimme full speed to the breakdown baby I got terror boilin’ in my loins Critical minute and I’m feelin bad Just not in it I’m feelin’so goddammn had Critical minute and I’m feelin’ down Just not in it Stuck with boredom stuck with hate stuck with a really lame debate Sonic eyeball action and it’s meant for me So pack it up now and be sure to keep it closed I’m desperately seekin’ all the words that I hate the most

Versurile cuvintele versuri versuri. Gluecifer ultima melodie ultima melodie album descarca cuvinte melodia Critical Minute ultima melodie asculta muzica straina.

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