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Versuri Linda Eder

  1. versuri A Little Bit Of Heaven
  2. versuri Why do people fall in love
  3. versuri You never remind me
  4. versuri Where Are You Now
  5. versuri When I Look In Your Eyes
  6. versuri What Kind Of Fool Am I {From Stop The
  7. versuri When I Look At You
  8. versuri Vienna
  9. versuri Unusual Way {from Nine}
  10. versuri The Man That Got Away
  11. versuri The Impossible Dream {From Man Of La Mancha}
  12. versuri The Little Drummer Boy
  13. versuri The Christmas Song
  14. versuri The Bells Of St Paul
  15. versuri Son Of A Preacher Man
  16. versuri Someone Like You
  17. versuri Smile
  18. versuri Some People {From Gypsy}
  19. versuri O Holy Night
  20. versuri On The Street Where You Live (from My Fair Lady)
  21. versuri Silent Night
  22. versuri O Come, O Come, EmmanuelWhat Child Is This
  23. versuri Next Time I Love
  24. versuri Let Him Fly
  25. versuri Love Is Forever
  26. versuri Is This Any Way To Fall In Love
  27. versuri In The Cool Dark Night
  28. versuri If I Should Lose My Way
  29. versuri If He Never Said Hello
  30. versuri I guess i love you
  31. versuri I Am What I Am (La Cage Aux Folles)
  32. versuri How In The World
  33. versuri Here Comes The Sun
  34. versuri Her Gypsy Heart
  35. versuri Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  36. versuri Havana
  37. versuri Gold {From Camille Claudel}
  38. versuri Gold
  39. versuri From This Moment On
  40. versuri Do You Hear What I Hear
  41. versuri Drift Away
  42. versuri Edelweiss {From The Sound Of Music}
  43. versuri Christmas Stays The Same
  44. versuri Ave Maria
  45. versuri Bridge Over Troubled Water
  46. versuri And So Much More
  47. versuri All The Way
  48. versuri Across The Water

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