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Versuri Gold {From Camille Claudel}

I wonder if when all is done Anyone heard my voice But from the start, we have no choice Our journeys just begin I'll never know if I was right Did I fight hard enough? Or when the battles grew to rough Should I have given in? But here I stand and swear to you I did the best that I could do I know my voice was just a whisper But someone may have heard There were nights the moon above me stirred And let me grab a hold My hands have touched the gold My heart's been driven by extremes Blind with dreams, tight with fear But still, God knows I was here And oh, I was alive! And now I lay the past to rest For in the end I did my best You have to live the life you're given And never close your eyes! You hold on and stare into the skies And burn against the cold For any moment you might find the gold! And there was joy through it all And I am standing tall And though my voice was just a whisper Someone must have heard! There were nights the moon above me stirred And let my life take hold I rode across that sky And once I touched the gold!

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