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Versuri When I Look At You

When I look at you What I always see Is the face of someone else Who once belonged to me Still I can hear him laugh Even though that melody plays on He's gone When I look at you He is standing there I can almost breathe him in like summer in the air Why do you smile his smile That heaven I'd forgotten eases through In you If you could look at me once more With all the love you felt before If you and I could only dance into the past And find that love we knew I'll never take my eyes away from you When I look at you He is touching me I would reach for him But who can hold a memory? And love isn't everything This moonlight on the bed will melt away someday Oh, you were once that someone Who I followed like a star And suddenly you changed And now I don't know who you are Or could it be that I never really knew you from the start Did I create a dream Was he a fantasy Even a memory is a paradise for all the fools like me Now remebering is all that I can do Because I miss him so When I look at you mp3 melodia muzica When I Look At You. Album mp3 cuvintele versuri muzica straina Linda Eder versuri descarca.

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