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Tropic days turn into steamy nights Stateside ways give in to appetites panatelas under white straw hats Sit and soak...Rum and Coke Cuban rhythms push the night along Past the limits of what's right or wrong Hardly anyone is keepin' score Let it ride...Por favor Love is the one legal tender Never in short supply Just find yourself a big spender Who will render the gender You'd like to try Big casinos under Latin skies Valentinos with ambitious eyes Slow degrees of lazy Fahrenheit Cook the day...Eat the night Smell the money when the trade winds blow Play the slot machines, enjoy the show Spin the wheel or maybe roll the dice Welcome to...Paradise Too much is never enough here There's always room for more One of a kind calls your bluff here If your pair isn't brass Better pass Senor! Twenty-three or so degrees Just below the Florida keys All the tourists come to play Making mucho machismo Like Hemingway Inhibitions simply melt away Dispositions will improve they say Maybe it's the voodoo latitude Gives the place...Attitude Way down here we have no rules to keep Way down here we always oversleep Way down here we mambo all night long Through the street...through the heat To the beat of old Havana

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