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Versuri Your Lies Become You

How did I get here without you? It's a miracle we're all sane We're kinda like sucked in a vacuume Of booking a flight on a doomed plane Well you claimed you could read the future And I'd say that you've nailed that down You still want everyone to love you Well here's a tip of my hat to you, Big Brain: Do you really believe they can't see through A circus punk playing a foul game? Let me cast you a light, one that's natural And with me you can strike that pose yeah And you melt for the camera 'Cause your lies become you Yes, your lies become you Yes, your lies become you after all How am I living without you? Mmm I'm not even sure now that I'm sane But this little dog's got enough sense To know not to sleep in the cold rain Yeah yeah yeah How are you doing without me? I'm sure you've found some new game I never wanted to miss you But then I never thought I could take pain Hope it's warmer for you, princess I in fact hope it's hot as hell And you get what you asked for 'Cause your lies become you Yes, your lies become you Yes, your lies become you after all

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