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Versuri Vertigo

I can have my cherries and you can have you real And we can screw in lava 'till the gods lick at our heels We were born in oil a million years ago And we can push the buttons of the come that makes us go Makes us go, makes us go, makes us go When I spoke with Saturn, he told me I was gone But I can't lick eruption when my pulls tells me it's strong There's a tiny little monkey, he lives inside my head He whispers on your mind in sleeps and tucks you into bed In your bed, in your bed, in your bed I can smell invasion, red excited mind I can see a general dropping into flaming pines We just plugged forever, we just saved the day Kiss your little self for me, everything's ok It's ok, it's ok, it's ok Aaaah... It's ok, it's ok, it's ok

Piesa descarca melodiei ultima melodie versuri Monster Magnet. Versuri muzica straina cantece album melodia piesa Vertigo cuvinte piesa.

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