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Break off a hunk of that brick for me baby I'm gonna loose it now You're gonna loose it now We're all gonna loose it now Well I've got these dimes for free Step in to the back of my van Swim through a lake of fire Oh baby you're so fine fine fine Well I've got more love and speed than your lonely souls can chew And I'll lay it all on you Cause I think that you want me to Well I own every piece of earth And I made that hole in the sky And I tell you when you can cry And I tell you when to shut your eyes We're all damned I'm ape and god in one A GTO from the stars Mentalla's favorite son So fuckin run I looked out my window I saw a sea of naked meat We were riding in the street We were riding in the street yeah Then I felt my head explode And my mind was a mountain of weed We are absolutely free We are absolutely free We're all damned I'm ape and god in one Apollo gave me doses baby You're mother's favourite ones We're all damned I hate this perfect world I'll climb atop this universe And pound until it's gone

Ultima melodie asculta piesa muzica Monster Magnet. Piesa cantece Superjudge cuvinte melodia muzica straina versuri piesa cuvinte ultima melodie album versuri.

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