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Versuri You Put Your Faith In Me

Oh When I see you there Iâm so aware Of how lucky I am baby Cuz I donât deserve I donât come close To understanding baby The logic of your kind of trust It amazes me That someone like you Would care enough To just believe Chorus: Your faith in me It pulls me through When thereâs nothin around To hold onto When I fall When Iâm weak All the strength that I need Is your faith baby Your faith in me, oh Even when we fight I get along Cuz our love is real baby Itâs like salvation to my soul Cuz thatâs how it feels baby Itâs a sacred thing That I keep close To carry on And I know that I will be alright And youâll heal it all Chorus You make me feel I can walk on water (I can reach the farthest star) And nothin comes against me Safe within your arms Chorus Bridge: X 4 When I fall baby (oh) When Iâm weak baby All I need baby (all I need is your faith in me) Is your faith in me Ooh Your faith in me

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