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My wonderful A time when I was down and out No lovin in my life This angel came and brought about A meaning love so right Took my dark and lonely days Into the light With his loving ways Chorus: He's my wonderful Everything a girl could want to love And all that I need Yes he's my wonderful He must have been sent from up above Just for me Gotta have him close to me Each and every night To give me that security Of dreamin in delight Our love has got a grip on me Oh so tight Hope he never lets go Chorus Cuz I don't ever wanna be free From this lovin care That most people will never see And at night I pray That I'll have my way And endure love For eternity Chorus No one can ever do for me The things he does cuz Chorus X 2 He's my wonderful (A time when I was down and out, no lovin in my life) Everything a girl could want to love (This angel came and brought about) And all that I need (A meaning love so right) Yes he's my wonderful (Took my dark and lonely days, into the light) He must have been sent from up above (With his loving ways) Just for me (oh yeah) Said he's everything All I need La la la la la La -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Wonderful muzica muzica straina versuri. Ultima melodie descarca album ultima melodie versuri cuvintele album Jessica Simpson versurile versurile.

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