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Versuri Sweet Kisses

Couldn’t look me in the eye He apologizes He didn’t make enough to take me out tonight I beg him not to worry Please don’t turn away I don’t need a world of riches I just need a little time with you and Chorus: Sweet kisses All I really need is Sweet kisses That’s what moves me In his lips are pure emotion He smiles because he knows How much I love the way he makes me feel inside He answers all my wishes Who could ask for more Doesn’t have to say I love you All I need he tells me with his Chorus He heals me He touches me down to my soul My heart’s beating out of control Oh, oh I just need a little time with you Chorus Sweet kisses (sweet kisses baby) Its all I really need from you Sweet kisses (Don’t need you money baby) Just want your time now baby Cuz that’s what moves me honey Sweet kisses Sweet kisses Oh your kisses And that’s what moves me

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