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It's about 5 in the morning and the plumber's coming at 8 Don't know if I should go to bed or if I should just wait Sitting around the kitchen table talking about what we ate Stressing stressing stressing about the plumber coming at 8 We don't want anything to do with that plumber Cuz everytime he comes around it's such a bummer Give me no notice (no) Give me no warining (no) Yet you expect me to answer Up in the morning get the fuck out we don't like you anyway Come in for 5 minutes and still expect a pay Stay home stay home for your best Well the foolish plumber doesn't listen to our warning He still shows up here unaware of what is coming Comes up the stairs and he knocks at my door They hit him on the head and he falls unto the floor I tried to warn him I tried to tell him But as his limbs fall down his face kinda frowns And that's the end of another plumber And as it turned out for us it wasn't such a bummer The end the end the end of a plumber

Mp3 album melodiei versuri descarca muzica Flashlight Brown melodiei. Melodia ultima melodie piesa versuri muzica straina Yet Another Plumber versurile versurile melodiei.

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