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Lost my cool at a brand new school Where the kids all smelt kind of strange And I threw my chair when I caught the teacher's glare As she called me little Mary-Jane All the ribbing that I god-damn took From the kids left my ego in a whirl And the kids would say while I sat and watched them play Hey there kid are you a boy are a girl Praise the day I'm old and grey And don't look much like a girl And the kids all come and dance in the streets Proclaiming me the king of the world Figured it'd be fine when I hit grade nine And I'd grow a big beard really soon Till the first day of gym when I met father tim And he sent me to the girl's change room Illustrate my weekly pass come across as feeling crass Submit for credit or just share your thoughts Search my archive for a joke a thousand drives and beers and hopes Look out god I'm gonna die My black candle won't stop smoking even though I blew it out My stigmata are signs of disease Reputation as the finest burnt your bridges to be sane Look out god I'm gonna die Now in the end I will surely transcend All the things I was never meant to be So with some skill and a little good will Out on ladies night I'll get in bars for free Thanks to Diego Blum ( for these lyrics

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