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I killed you on a tuesday Your head was raw and bloody Killed my baby, in a car crash We went out to a drive in Going home your head was smashed in Killed my baby, in a car crash Glad to know i'm all alone Glad to know you're not going home My car wrapped round a steal fence Thank god i bought insurance Killed my baby, in a car crash Your back was full of glass shards Your lifeless corpse flew ten yards Killed my baby, in a car crash Glad to know you paid your fee Glad to know you're over me Take two pills before you try and go to sleep You won't have these problems left tommorrow And if you think you're stupid then i'll take you to my room We've got many brains there you can borrow If you tell me that i'm wrong, I'll admit that i am gone, I am gone, i am gone, i'm already gone

Versuri asculta Crash Baby cuvinte Flashlight Brown ultima melodie muzica straina. cuvinte ultima melodie versuri album asculta descarca descarca.

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