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(Clarke / Sylvester / Hicks) Write on, even though there's no one listening to your songs Write on Shine on, get it together, let your light break through Shine on, baby, shine on Write on, sitting on your own, waiting for the phone Come on, come on, come on Write on, for your fame and fortune will follow you, coming on strong coming on strong Don't feel bad 'cos the radio ain't playing 'em It won't be long til you're going out and slayin' 'em Shine on You're not the first, you won't be the last to feel the frustration of a musical fast Write on, baby, write on Sing your rock and roll with a touch of soul Ballads with feeling, send your audience reeling Rock on, rock on Find a man with a van, a back up band who'll give you a hand on your one night stand Rock on, baby, rock on Give 'em your licks, getting off on their kicks Swayin in motion to a rhythmic potion Rock on, baby, rock on Music freaks and all those hustlers hangers on, trying to make a con Rock on Don't sign on the line til you know it's all fine It's your life baby, you got to give it time Rock on, baby, rock on verse 1 verse 3 verse 4

Melodiei piesa mp3 Write On album piesa Hollies album muzica straina cuvinte. Versuri versuri muzica piesa asculta versurile.

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