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(Ransford) Fifi the flea fell in love With a clown from a flea circus fair She gave him her heart But he still couldn't see That for such a long time she had cared He put himself 'round all the other girl fleas Unaware that he hurt her so badly She cried in the arms of his manager friend And declared that she loved the clown madly One day Fifi went And this drove the clown wild The poor little flea started crying Never you mind his manager said I ought not to tell but she's dyin' Dyin' for love of you little flea You've broken her heart with your lyin' She couldn't stand to see you throw Her love away without tryin' The day Fifi died the little clown vowed He'd tend her grave every hour He broke down and cried When he saw her grave And on it he placed a small flower Poor little flea he wasted away He'd lost his Fifi forever So they opened her grave Put him inside Now at last they are together

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