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Versuri Butterfly

(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) We met on the shore of a lemonade lake. Weeping willows looked down where we lay. Orange blossoms I smell in your hair. Butterfly, flutter by, butterfly by. Waterfalls send your ripples to us here on the shore of the lemonade lake. Pond lilies play hide and seek with the fish. Rabbit run, run rabbit, rabbit run by. Roaring mountain is standing close by, covered with snowdrops and glistening with dew. I hear the sound of a small hummingbird. I took your hand and I waltzed off with you. Come to the top of the mountain with me. Jump on a cloud and we'll float to and fro. Seeing the countryside covered with grass and the top of the mountain with candy-floss and snow. Butterfly lazily drinking the sun, lavishly sprinkled and painted with gold. Here in the land of the mist and the lake, me and my true love will never grow old. Butterfly piesa cantece ultima melodie asculta. Album versuri melodiei versuri Hollies muzica straina cuvinte piesa versurile ultima melodie.

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