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Versuri Wrack my brain

(George Harrison) Wrack my brain, wrack my brain, Till my head's filled with pain, Wrack my brain. All dried up, i'm all dried up, All i have's this empty cup, All dried up. What i have, you don't want, What you want, i can't give. I got out of touch with you and yours, The way that you live. I try to do my best for you, While the sky pours down the rain, Wrack my brain. With a will there's a way, But there's no way i can see, Coming up with something you'd enjoy As much as tv All the same, i play the game, Up and down old memory lane, Wrack my brain, (wrack my brain) Till my head is filled with pain, Wrack my brain, (wrack my brain) While i slowly go insane, Wrack my brain. (wrack my brain)

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