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Versuri Goodnight vienna (reprise)

(John Lennon) -"Ok...with gusto, boys, with gusto!" I took my baby to a party last night, ah-hah-hah, She was so beautiful, she made me uptight, ah-hah-hah, Up came a butcher with her ju jus alight, ah-hah-hah, It's all down to goodnight vienna. Goodnight vienna, hey, hey, hey. -"come on, boys, sing it to me!" (goodnight vienna) hey, hey, hey. -"oh, you're so beautiful, (goodnight vienna) -"you know that i love you, don't you, boys?" (goodnight vienna) -"and don't forget, folks, The band will be back in fifteen minutes. Just a short break and they'll be back on stage Ready to do it to you one more time! That's it!" (goodnight vienna, hey, hey, hey) (goodnight vienna)

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