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Versuri Working In A Goldmine

Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals & guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards & programming MICHAEL JONZUN. drums STEVE JORDAN. percussion CAROL STEELE. bass WILL LEE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY and LANI GROVES. produced by ROB MOUNSEY. engineered by RICHARD ALDERSON and KEVIN HALPIN. Our love's the sound Of broken skies Too blind to see What lies inside We love what shines Before our eyes Why can't we learn What hides? Chorus: Waiting on the last train Flicking through the highlights Livin' in a suitcase Positively uptight Kissing in the full moon Drowning in the sunshine Walking on a tightrope And everything is gonna be just fine 'Cos I believe in your heart of gold Automatically sunshine Yeah glitter, glitter everywhere Like working in a goldmine And we believe that there's a heart beats on In the dark of the closedown Yeah glitter, glitter everywhere Like working in a goldmine And time not tied Is time to feed We lose our pride We spill our seed The worst of us Escape so slow The best of us Just goes Chorus They'll make you work for everything Never let it roll Never let it swing Take control and let your heart sing

Piesa muzica Working In A Goldmine versuri versurile versuri ultima melodie melodia. muzica straina mp3 Aztec Camera muzica asculta.

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