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Versuri One And One

Words and music by Roddy Frame lead vocals RODDY FRAME and CAROLL THOMPSON. guitars RODDY FRAME. drums & keyboard programming ROB MOUNSEY. percussion CAROL STEELE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY and LANI GROVES. produced by ROB MOUNSEY and RODDY FRAME. engineered by RICHARD ALDERSON. One and one is one I hear But it breaks my heart to come so near And find division standing in our way As London burns I lie awake And wrestle with this passive state But a broken heart is useless in these days Chorus: When I close my eyes to trouble Baby I see you And now I have the need to double Everything I do So I close my eyes and make a wish Yeah, dream a dream for me That one and one will someday be free Oh boy I know The crucial blow They deal us every day I feel it too But need for you To chase your blues away But if my heart Should come apart My love should turn inside I'll understand You're just a man I'll still be on your side Chorus

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