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Words and music by Roddy Frame You don't have to tell me what you're still looking for, Two arms to hold you and a voice to say, That's alright, you can spend the night, Well, come around. 'Cos I've been there and these are the notes From the overground, The World Saxaphone Quartet, the smell of violets, And a passing friend won't let you down. Listen to the rhythm of the rain falling, Say you're gonna change your foolish ways. Make a promise, break a promise in the same day, It goes the same way, anyway. So you pray for silence and its sadness and its violence To be washed away, One day. I understand the state you've reach of being unreachable, Somewhere out there where only the music plays. Loneliness and being alone don't always mean the same, Who needs the movie? You can see the music anyway. A Sketch For Winter, a Burgundy and sanctuary Can make me stay when I feel that way. And if my words don't say the things that they were meant to say, And if confusion comes and carries all my words away, And if you still don't understand, I wanna hold your hand, and look at it this way... Someone singing's better than the war they're winning Winging its way, your way or my way, Any day, any way, stray.

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