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Versuri Wolfman Jack

Hey baby, you're on a subliminal trip to nowhere.You better get your trip together before you step in here with us! Full moon tonight, everything's all right Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack If you want yourself a day man, well I don`t mind You just ditch him when the sun goes down 'Cause the moon shines bright and everything's all right When the Wolfman, he creeps into town Now you maybe want a man who throws round his money But he ain't as cools a Wolfman Jack And you might want yourself a man who don't act so funny But he ain't your fool like Wolfman Jack I don't mean to treat you evil I'm just a good boy gone bad But if I catch you after dark walking through the park I'm just liable to do something mad You maybe think you know what love is about girl But it's nothing 'til it's Wolfman Jack And everybody knows, you go round and shout it That your only thrill is Wolfman Jack Full moon tonight, everything's all right Baby come on back to Wolfman Jack I may miss your loving while I'm on my back But you can't escape from Wolfman Jack You can't do this to me Look me in the eyes baby, now you cut that jive You know the Wolfman's just about the number one cat alive You got my great big eyes spinning round in my head How could you love another man instead?

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