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A handful of nothing is all that I need It contains plus and minus everything The odd combinations are what make up The world that you see before you In one hand I hold what people call good The rest I hold in the other But these are just symbols to the perfected minds Of which we are but mere reflections I was born to synthesize Energize and catalyze I was born to synthesize Like waves on still water the forms reappear Quickly erasing the ones before But forms like these are born only to die But the life in them lives forever Pyramids, spheres, and obelisks are the patterns of all creation But the red polygon's only desire is to get to the blue triangle I was born to synthesize Visions rise before your eyes I was born to synthesize The orbits of consciousness spin 'round and 'round Apparently they go nowhere But the odd combinations are leading you on To your home which is in the center You were born to synthesize Ain't no jive - it's no surprise You were born to synthesize

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