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Put down that phone and listen Baby how can you be so unkind If they catch me out of line only one more time I'll be down in the slammer 'fore you count to nine I didn't mean to step out without you And I'm sorry way down in my soul But it ain't easy being on Parole with you baby Before they throw me in the hole I got to get my dose of Rock and Roll And it ain't easy being on Parole with you baby, let go Put down that gun and listen If you shoot it would be such a waste 'Cause any one of these days I just might change my ways And I won't be around to see the look on your face I know that it might make you happy To fill my body full of holes But you know it ain't easy being on Parole with you baby Put down the phone and put down the gun Please let me know you still believe in me, hon

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