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Death, white fang destruction runs Roughshod among the pack With uncontrolled bloodlust Hunt, thrill of the kill by moonlight Too wild too tame for this world Repays all debts in blood This destroyer Damned, lycanthropic desire Praised by the howling one Bits down the jaws of Luko's Unleases Hell Who rules the forest of the night Red raging eyes howl at the moon Sets up his next victim to die Behold! The wolfhunter Damnation - searing flesh - be gone So save thyself Transformation - from anthropis Into a blood crazed beast Savagery of the wolf Rides a scent to find the next kill Cunning eyes of a sadist Shadows glow when death's abound Revelry of the damned The slaughter ends When daylight has come Covered in gore and remorseless Fear not the silver, live for the kill One rules the forest of the night And howls in praise to his god, the moon Another victim lies in blood Behold! the forest god

Wolfhunt muzica cuvinte Dragonlord (Dragon Lord) piesa versuri asculta melodiei piesa descarca piesa. Versuri muzica straina cantece ultima melodie descarca.

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