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Babylon fell Maybe too soon I did not notice her value Until I looked into the storm Why can't you see When scrolls are drawn Who will you die for? Death angels fly across the threshold Across these blazing shores For Satan blight the sky I am ancient Blasphemous Nothing left Pray for war Embracing evil A prophecy of war Dethrone the lord The great deceiver carries light Rapture Join us With demon swords collide Black reign for the ages Surging forth with might We begin to slowly formulize Rage on san redemptions Now and ever after Onward final battle [Lead: Smyth] And now you'll see Why I was plotting forever And as you kneel Make sure my story gets written End times forseen No righteous martyr My will be done Empire destroyed! Death angels scorch and burn the sky Throughout his rigid vortex Satan fantasized Annihilated mist Of utter nothingness Pray for war Just below I'll break the sacred seal Rapture

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