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Sufficed with demons force A love denied forever for The priestess who knows no warmth 'Til choking face turns blue What you got to say For his love denied Save your lies for me, hypocrisy My soul's gone Hearts ablaze, fall to pieces Force to bleed then ask me why Now your life is undone For my pain is engraved True delights to beat as one Into the darkness there This beauty's beyond compare From darkness comes shadows Tortured days without sun Where all guilt is removed Ecstasy, depravity Your soul moves Lover please Set us free just to be as one Into the darkness there This world's beyond compare From darkness comes shadows When pushed beyond the realms of death One learns the awful truth It seems my lovewas damned forever Sometimes disease of life is love And now I'm forced to take you True black hearts must die Don't question me about the things It's been done Bewitched and cast upon this tragic No love Set us free just to be as one [Lead: Smyth] So be the light that shined Upon the love that died Trace evil back to power Transmission, supplied Who'll be the one Who wears my sins forever Entombed in darkness there This worlds beyond repair From darkness comes shadows

Cuvintele album cantece versuri Born To Darkness muzica straina muzica descarca. Cuvinte cantece melodia melodia versuri Dragonlord (Dragon Lord).

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