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Tears flowing down the line I listened as you cried The world had come down to two people in two rooms Now and then I'd hear the smallest voice I know I wasn't strong I know I had a choice Though you try to tell me otherwise it's shining out of you it's in your eyes open them wide This is special and you know it too we say we differ, but do you think we do What more would you like I understand and then... then again, I don't while part of me does, part of me won't When we see a chance to be loved who knows what we're capable of Every story tells me this would last You make my heart beat twice as fast I see that girl who only wants to daydream As if we're going to lose what we have found You won't be so easy to be around I'm lost in you but you won't be losing me I'll fight it soon but not now, please, not just yet, please

Asculta Trembling Blue Stars versuri piesa melodia muzica straina piesa descarca. Ultima melodie versuri With Every Story cuvintele asculta cantece album album piesa.

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