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Versuri Sleep

Sleep Cover me with your blanket Get me out of this world For a spell Take me away To the world of dreams Where I'm not afraid of silence Where I'm not afraid to think I'm not so stupid I can't see There's nothing up ahead of me I'm not so stupid I don't know About all of the wrong roads the wrong roads the wrong roads Sleep Cover me with your blanket Somehow I always knew I would not make it I'm the sum of my mistakes I've only got myself to blame But what's on show - Do I want any of it anyway? Sleep Can there only be One ending One end for me Unsure and shy It was easier not to try Now I'm feeling lost and old And that there's nowhere left to go I'm forever seeing Myself running Heading for the horizon Escaping, escaping The choices I have made I chose this place I chose this place Sleep Take Me Away

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