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Versuri Under Lock And Key

You've got to stop fucking her up You've got to grow up You've got to stop making her cry she thinks you want to and you know she's right You're showing a side that you don't like You've got to trust what she feels is there and not need to see it You've got to let her do what she wants with this secret You've got to say sorry, then not undo it You've got to let go if not in your heart then in what you show and in what you start If you love her like you say you won't do again what you did today she wouldn't even let you brush a tear away You won't push and push until she breaks It cannot be, and you've got to accept it Stop being so weak Stop being so selfish You can want all you like still you won't be getting When she said you were cruel, boy, she wasn't kidding No matter how fierce the flames may be you've got to keep your feelings under lock and key The last thing you want is to feel her withdraw Do yourself a favour: start thinking of her

Trembling Blue Stars versuri Under Lock And Key mp3 muzica melodiei versuri asculta muzica straina ultima melodie. Ultima melodie cantece melodia muzica descarca mp3.

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