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Versuri Whisky Time

Whisky Time Lyrics Every night in a different pub Get the money, the night's long Let's begin with some beer And then drink something strong That's a fucking place the girls here look so bad We'd better change pub These fucking people makes me sad Come on let's go to the 'strip' Looking for red shinning lips (if) I don't get fucked never mind We are ready to start It's whisky time The black girl is dancing She is fatty and shaggy And she's got big tits There is nothing laggin' She's moving her ass Along a white chair She makes me so hungry Show me your holes The girl has gone Another show we are waiting for A new one has entered But she's at least forty years old She's not so good and I shout: Come on move your ass! She tries to smile but I know she didn't like it versuri melodia Bulldozer versuri ultima melodie muzica straina asculta cuvinte. Muzica cantece piesa Whisky Time mp3 cantece.

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