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The Great Deceiver Lyrics Welcome all you fuckers Freak-out and mortal fools Seeking evil excitements Yeah! You want to be cool And I'm still laughing Watching you and your foolish ways Don't try to move around me now I'm gonna hold your chain forever You don't realize I'm - The great deceiver Turn off the light - You'll hear my breath Don't joke with me - I'm not a believer You won't refuse - The Diver-lover Trust me, trust me I'll save you from your pain I'm fucking lying You'll be my slave I've got the key of the abyss And a great chain in my hand (Beside me) Out thousand harlots Yeah! My only friends If you want a great sign Stay calm, you want wait no more You are on your way Just to be a rotten whore Love me, love me Welcome me with open legs I'm always ready No need to beg

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