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The Cave Lyrics We have never had the possibility To spend a long night with you because... But we know you like it hard and huge You are not this kind of girl We hate and use to send to hell You'll be welcome Cause you never say I'm tired tonight We do really want the cave We promise: she'll be slaked Both her holes we wanna fill When ever of course we will We've never seen the pictures And we don't know your 'face' We don't care We can forgot the rest A lot of fools laught at you But I swear that we'll never do You are the best We will never kick out you All the stories we heard about you Had made us so excited The tongue is going to taste the sailty Juice of your sin If you like the golden shower We don't feel disgust Everything you want to do is OK You can trust us The only thing we wouldn't like Is the presence of a man Cause exists the risk to take Something in the ass If you don't believe us We'll explain what we mean Don't forget we come from The 'circle' of the worst sin

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