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Versuri When You Touch My Hand

When You Touch My Hand Lyrics Lyrics:Bosson, Music: Bosson You're close to me, still so far away Wanna take my hand, but something's in the way Sometimes I get the feeling that you don't care I know you've got it tough, but it's just not fair What about see... Chorus: When you touch my hand I wanna fly to wonderland, with you When you look at me With the cutest smile man can see your dignity The show goes on, I am used to the scene It's the same old song, love can be so mean Honey stop playing the silly game I know you've got another but he'll never be What I'll be...for you... Chorus Come on baby why can't you see We could run this thing together just you and me I beg you please I'm down on my knees One day you will understand how much You mean to me Chorus

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