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We Will Meet Again Lyrics It's hard to say goodbye It hurts to be alone And all that is left is a memory To love and to keep as a part of me It's you, no one else but you Say what can I do I miss you so It's hard to let you go It's hard to ease my pain But I'll do it all for you Because I know you'd do the same And how hard it all may seem You're always in my dreams We we will meet again Far beyond the stormy weather Far beyond the cloudy skies We we will meet again When we do we will last forever When we do we will stay together You and me We were meant to be In perfect harmony But every day that goes by is reminding me There're so many things that you left by me You see And every little thing Has it's own story They're tellin' me An hour seems so long Help me to be strong You were the meaning of my life And I can't go on without I am shouting out my pain There must be a way As a friend As a mother As a beautiful flower As a wife As a lover You had me climbing up your tower As my guardian angel Under your protection As the light of my life You gave me so much affection I'm so lucky that I once got to know you It was hard for me to say it But I totally adored you Is life fair I'll never stop believing Our time will come Because there must be a meaning

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