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Versuri All because of you

All Because Of You Lyrics CHORUS It's all because of you Yeah you It's all because of you Nobody else makes me feel like you do I have the time of my life And it's all because of you If I was able to thank you For coming into my life If I was able to tell the whole world how I feel My love is for real If I was able to write a song I would have filled it with love If I was able to open my heart you would see I'm so happy CHORUS If I was able to live my life (over again) I'd share the minutes with you If I was able to count the times you bring out the sun When I'm feeling down If I was able to explain How you have opened my eyes I sure have tried about thousand times I just feel so alive CHORUS (2x) I found the meaning I cherish my life Now I see everything in colors so bright And when it's raining I still feel the sun So take a good look I'm walking clouds CHORUS

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