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Versuri What Colour Is Death

What color is death? The shade of an ice pick sinking into flesh Sex and sex and sex and death I don't want you, I want your flesh Close my eyes and dream of death Slip away and take a breath Rivers running dark and cool How can nothingness be cruel? (verse x2) Trip with me and meet the sun, orgasm of light Suck the world inside yourself, splitting forth the night Douse their minds in gasoline, drop the burning match Angel light, alien love, I wait for them to hide I listen to the trees, they hum and hold hands with the moon Insects whisper sweet nothings, the solar system blooms The skulls of babies grow within the garden of the soul Where the girls run barefoot and all life lives uncontrolled Come on baby let's kick back and bleed with me awhile Never mind the cold black truth That stains the kitchen tile (verse x2)

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