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Versuri The Bones Of Baby Dolls

Flower girls play lover, grave games in the courtyard I heard her screaming like a radio (verse x2) Mary-Lou left marks on you, she just screams at the walls The kite string pops, I'm swallowed whole by the sky We smoke the bones of baby dolls Techno-liquid screaming meat, heaven's cold beneath my feet Cyber love the anti-man we make love because we can Virgins play where the bayou's blue, barefoot eatin' mushroom stew Work for pay and pay for freedom, fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em We smoke the bones of baby dolls Everything's gone dry Like bottle glass scraping cross the pavement (verse x4)

The Bones Of Baby Dolls melodia melodia versurile muzica straina melodia. Album versuri cuvinte cuvinte ultima melodie versurile versuri cantece Acid Bath.

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