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She came towards me, and with the light like it was, the like light of heavenly grace, and the first thing that flashed into me gulliver was that I'd like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out - real savage. I feel the wetness of her tongue that slides across my skin The viruses crawl over me and feel for some way in Cassie loves to swallow, this bleeding will not stop I left cassie hollow, cut you with my cock Cassie likes it in her hand, Cassie's dead inside I came to fuck the open wound, so hold it open wide Cassie loves to swallow, this bleeding will not stop I left cassie hollow, cut you with my cock Show it to me, spread your legs Don't you fucking look at me Show it to me, spread your legs You are so fucking suave Let's fuck! Take me into the ocean, lay me out on her shore Wake me when the sun burns out and we'll run forever more We're all gonna die tomorrow, the freaks are screaming burn it down She can't feel the weather, I can't touch the ground Pale and twitching, twisting to the cold dance Watching the room grow old, a funeral romance Somewhere, someone's screaming that the world's gone Smear me with your blood and let these dead boys sing their grave songs Suck Slide across the warm red floor to meet me Lock the bathroom door before they crawl to eat me Cut her throat and whisper that we're going home Twitching to the cold dance, they suck the meat from her bones Suck, suck, suck

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