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Versuri Walls Of Confinement

Lyrics : Lee Dorrian / Music : Mick Harris Before my eyes I see a wall, 12 000 miles high, and the same amount wide. Within that wall are faces of people to whom I once could relate. Now communicating seems hard, when there's an ego barrier to break through. Opinions of self opinion cloud a new horizon. The vision a mere illusion. Biased in conclusion, trapped in seclusion, to the outside - exclusion. When an attitude is so biased, what can you expect to change ? Banging your head, but the wall's not moving, it's enclosing. Burning so much energy. Enthusiasm burning. Is change the ´ real ª obsession ? Or with a sense of pretention, do you merely strive for credible attention ? ? ?

Melodiei cuvinte Napalm Death descarca versurile cuvinte versurile cantece. Cantece Walls Of Confinement versuri muzica asculta versuri Rock muzica straina album.

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