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Versuri Affixed By Disconcern

Lyrics & Music : Mitch Harris Assume to play a common role to pursue a common goal. Affixed by disconcern. Offer us an explanation or give some form of confirmation. Affixed by disconcern. Disclose the right to share the truth. Denied the right to hear the truth. Affixed by disconcern. One nation under god ; see through the charade. Deliberated fraud ; now it serves no purpose. Prefabricated screams taken to extremes to limit our dreams ; now they serve no purpose. Increasingly pessimistic, Conscience - you can't resist it. A thought to coincide a lifetime supply... Stimulate your curiosities, expose yourself to generosity. Mind control to what extend ? An astronomical event to seperate beyond the hip. Fail safe to make decisions. Conceded premonitions. Guilty we coincide a lifetime supply...

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